Friday, September 28, 2007

Your Life as a Droid?

iRobot now has a "Virtual Visiting Robot" called "ConnectR". It looks like a Roomba with a web cam on its back. Oh good, now we can all experience what our own homes would look like to an MSE-6 mouse droid.

I mean, I'd love to have my own telepresence droid, but there's the slight matter of perspective you've got to consider. Do you really want to be in the middle of enjoying chasing your crawling baby at his level with your daddy-ex-machina only to make a turn and suddenly be faced with an intimate close up of your cat's hiney? No, I wouldn't either. That reminds me -- Don't let creepy cousin Lenny have the password, either. I have to stop here before I have to spend much time considering what a boon this will be to the Granny Upskirt market.

Postscript A: Of course, if iRobot wants to change my mind by sending me a free sample, I'll be happy to take one off their hands. I'm just that nice of a guy. :-)

Postscript B: Thanks to my friend Mark for correctly identifying the droid I was looking for.

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