Friday, November 10, 2006

The (Gillette) Singularity is Near

This just turned up in my Google Blog Search for "singularity":

Now, that power-law curve predicts 14-bladed razors by the year 2100, but that's not the interesting curve. The interesting curve is the hyperbolic one, for two reasons: One, it matches the real-world data. And two, it goes to infinity in 2015. And how are you going to get an asymptotically-accelerating number of blades onto a razor? Why, you'd need godlike super-technology to do that.

Friends, it's clear what's upon us: The Gillette Singularity -- the moment at which the act of shaving becomes so radically unlike any shaving before it that history no longer provides us a guide to what lies before us.

So like Mr. Kurzweil says, "The Singularity Is Near"...and it shaves really close.

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