Friday, May 12, 2006

Google Reader Suggestion: Bulk Edit Feeds

Google Reader folks,

Bulk editing of feed lists (think gmail checkbox + actions menu) would
be REALLY appreciated. A number of months ago I imported 150+ feeds
using OPML into Google Reader. I then decided to try Bloglines, and
while I've been doing that I've edited the list of stuff I'm reading --
so I saw Google reader had some cool new features I wanted to try, and
wanted to wipe out my old reading list in favor of a fresh OPML import.

But all I can do is click through "unsubscribe" one at a time, at a
time cost of 5-10 seconds per delete by the time the list refreshes.
So I'll eventually get my feed list cleaned out so I can import the new
stuff. I'd actually like to switch back to Google Reader so I can use things like the reader widget for my personal Google home page, better labels, and all the nifty atom feed magic, but little stuff like
this is still keeping me away.

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