Saturday, February 18, 2006

A little too ironic? Yeah, I really do think.

So I've been TiVo'ing VH1's WebJunk20, and found it pretty entertaining. However, I wanted to see more of the clips they're airing -- so I went to the show's site, figuring I'd be able to view the full versions (seeing as how they mention in the show that you can do this). When I get there, I am greeted with:

We are sorry! Vspot does not currently have Digital Rights Management (DRM) support for Macintosh. Please see our FAQ for system requirements to view on demand and free video on Vspot.

And then in the FAQ:
Why can't I use Vspot on my Macintosh Computer?
The videos on Vspot are encoded using the Microsoft Windows Media 9 codec to ensure the maximum possible video quality. In order to offer you a broad selection of full-length music videos on-demand and free of charge, Vspot uses Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect the videos from unauthorized re-distribution.

Unfortunately, Microsoft's Windows Media Player Plug-in for Macintosh does not currently support DRM. When DRM support becomes available for Macintosh, Vspot will work to support Macintosh.

Mmmkay. The claim of "maximum possible video quality" isn't even credible BS. But at least they're honest about the real reason.

That said, isn't it ironic that this is a show that's pulling clips off the web yet it won't let its own clips be viewed by people on the web? I suppose they acquired the rights to all those clips before they aired, right? Right? And that the people in them were fairly compensated? (Insert lazyweb call for investigative blogging here.)

To VH1: How about at least providing links to the unencumbered content you found rather than wrapping it up in your OS-specific DRM walled garden? I'd subscribe to your feed. I'd share your clips with other people, getting you more viewers. How is DRM helping you get eyeballs again?

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