Saturday, October 29, 2005

An open request to

To the producers of You have amassed some of the most interesting, insightful text anywhere on the web, and yet conspicuously there isn't a feed to be found on your site. Why are you limiting your reach by not providing a single subscribable feed? I don't care if it's teasers or full content, podcasts or text - I want the stuff you produce to be part of the conversation. As it is, you're like the smartest guy at the party who sits in a chair in the corner waiting for somebody to come talk to you. Please, please, please, give us feeds!


lw said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I do get their email EdgeEditions (one of the few I still allow myself) - but it would be much more convenient, and they would reach a lot more people with a feed. - lw

David Ing said...

I was just on , and just discovered the same thing: no feeds!

I'm now using Feedreader to manage most of reading and listening content. Over the past year, it's cleaned up my e-mail to reasonable levels. (Actually, I've divided up my personas with multiple e-mail addresses, so one account gets a lot of those types of e-mails ... but that's a big backlog that I never seem to get time to completely clear!)