Tuesday, June 28, 2005

JavaOne: SOA & The Agile Enterprise

Notes from JavaOne 2005...

Thomas Kurian, Oracle Corporation

SOA: Develop. Integrate. Orchestrate. Secure. Manage. Monitor. Change.

User interfaces: JavaServer Faces - render kit per device, view using JSF/JSP, controller via JSF/Struts. Rich client interfaces in native browsers. Demo using Oracle JDeveloper 10g.

Oracle is contributing their JavaServer Faces code to MyFaces open source project. Also working on a JavaServer Faces mode for Eclipse.

Business components: EJB 3.0. Oracle has contributed their EJB 3.0 reference implementation to open source via the Java Community Process. Also integrating EJB 3.0 development environment in JDeveloper and Eclipse.

WSIF, JBI, & JSR227 allow you to publish different services (native Java, REST, JCA, COM+, SOAP) into a common framework. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) offers routing, QoS, BPEL, Transform, Rules services, letting you connect via common substrate.

Example: Order entry, Credit rating, Loan grantors, Fulfillment all tied together via BPEL.

BPEL separates business process from code. Business processes can become much more dynamic. Lets you monitor in-flight processes. Industry standard, so no lock-in.

Demo of EJB and BPEL.

Secure services: Need an interface through which to get security credentials and have a way to manage authorization. WS-SEC gives you the ability to do this. For both security and management you need to be able to abstract policies from the services they affect.

Demo of security and management using Oracle Web Services Manager.

Monitoring services: want to build set of performance indicators (in terms of business). Allow for changes in business processes to optimize efficiency and take corrective action.

Demo of business monitoring activity using Oracle BAM - DHTML/JavaScript-based app as a business dashboard.

JDeveloper 10g is now free (as in beer). Also rolling EJB 3.0, JSF, and BPEL into Eclipse. Contributing EJB 3.0, JSF, etc. to open source.

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