Tuesday, June 28, 2005

JavaOne: Amazon Web Services

Notes from JavaOne 2005...

Jeff Barr: Amazon Web Services

The web services concept: a programmable web site with:
  • support for standards
  • remote access to data and functionality
  • decoupling data and presentation
  • creation of a platform to attract software developers
  • unlocking creativity
  • leveraging technology investment

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? A developer interface to amazon, a collection of APIs that give developers access to product info, 3rd party seller info, customer created content, Amazon's shopping cart, etc.

Why AWS? Amazon has valuable data and technology. Partners want the data and technology. Amazon doesn't want others to scrape their site. 3rd party developers extend the platform and implement features they hadn't considered. Lead e-commerce and web development, leveraging others' innovation, empowering entrepreneurs.

AWS offers: SOAP API, REST API, XSLT transformation service, WSDL, Schema, Online documentation, developer bulletin board.

REST vs SOAP -- REST: convention, ad hoc, easy ramp-up, prototype in browser, string/scripting, 80% of usage. SOAP: standard, strongly typed, requires toolkit, tool support needed, 20% usage. Observation: support both, and give developers a choice. REST makes it very easy to do useful things quickly. Important to have quick win for developer adoption to succeed.

Amazon E-Commerce Services provides complete access to product catalog, shopping cart, wish lists, link to Amazon Associates program. Calls supported: catalog search, catalog lookup, similarity lookup, customer content lookup, shopping cart create/modify/add/get, seller lookup, seller listing lookup, transaction lookup, wish list search/lookup.

Reference - AWS zone: AWS developer code generator, examples, tutotials, etc.

Amazon Simple Queue Service: Scalable, hosted queue. Build distributed applications. Up to 4k items per queue, up to 4096 queues per subscriber. Operations supported: configure queue, create, delete, dequeue, enqueue, get count, etc.

Alexa Web Information Service provides API to Alexa search engine with detailed results.

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