Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Revenge of the Sith and "Targeted" advertising

The latest evidence that text analysis has a way to go before it's really able to acheive appropriately targeted advertising without being rife with opportunity for humorous juxtaposition comes in the form of an email sent to a list I'm on reminding subscribers of the pending release of Episode III tomorrow. The accompanying ad:

> Ever feel sad or cry for no reason at all?
> Depression. Narrated by Kate Hudson.

So I'm left wondering who this advertising was really targeted at. Here's my take:

Are you fed up with your Jedi Masters? Do you feel like nobody
understands you? Are you angry at the galaxy?

Ask your dark lord about Sithromax. Sithromax lets you feel better
about yourself, take control of your life, and get your head on

Side effects may include difficulty breathing, uncontrolled rage, loss
of limbs, the urge to wear a cape, and a blinding ego.

Sithromax. It is your destiny.

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